Ho Chi Mission Complete

After 3000 km, three countries and a significant amount of mechanics, my Ho Chi Mission is finally over. The Pink Panther and I set sail from Hanoi seven weeks ago and clunked south over the Annamite Mountains into Laos, Cambodia and finally, Saigon. Despite my efforts, it turns out that 25 year old Honda C90 mopeds really aren’t built for mud, deep sand, rocks, mountains, rivers and jungle. In the space of three weeks, the poor bike had to have three engine rebuilds, and took to chewing through cam chains like candyfloss.

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Off on the Ho Chi Minh Trail…

Update 08/03/2013 – Ant Starts his journey!

Ant has reached the starting point of his journey! Check out his update here: http://www.theitinerant.co.uk/meeting-the-pink-panther/

Ants Bolingbroke-Kent will be loading his panniers, polishing his pistons and setting off on a solo trip down the Ho Chi Minh Trail to raise money for MAG (Mines Advisory Group).

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