Roadside Inflation with Gear Gremlin

CC-CO2-blkNew from the Gear Gremlin range of motorcycle tools and accessories, the CO2 Canister Valve Adaptor makes light work of emergency tyre inflation. Compact and light, the Adaptor can be left under the seat or stowed in luggage and forgotten about until required. When it’s time for a top-up, just screw a Gear Gremlin CO2 canister into the bottom of the Adaptor and push onto the valve to release the gas and inflate the tyre. The Adaptor suits the Schrader valves found on most motorcycle and scooter tyres. Much quicker and easier to operate than a hand/foot pump, and more compact too, the Gear Gremlin Valve Adaptor is ideal in situations where a tyre needs inflating quickly and easily, e.g. dealing with a slow puncture or a repaired tyre at the roadside. A useful addition to any rider’s emergency tool kit, Gear Gremlin’s CO2 Adaptor comes in black or green. Compatible CO2 canisters come in packs of three.